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If you’re as obsessive about coffee as we are…

Good coffee isn’t good enough. Coffee should be GREAT. We know the difference. You know the difference. Your customers know too…

Ireland’s Finest Coffee Company.

If you’re as  obsessive about coffee, as we are, you’ll appreciate the difference between good coffee and great coffee. This is great coffee.

The best coffee needs the best beans. No exceptions.

Selecting the very best beans available, the absolute cream of the crop, is just a starting position for Greenbean. What happens next, what we do to those beautiful beans is what makes all the difference.


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We find amazing producers and the most incredible coffees

We scour the market for better coffee. We have a thirty year network of friends and contacts all over the world. We find micro batches that are too small for the big guys. We know the best importers, they know us. We get amazing coffee that no one else gets.

Amazing coffee in small batches

We find little caches of extraordinary coffee hidden away here and there in the coffee world. Most of these micro-lots are only available as a once-off and have to be snapped up very quickly. Our carefully nurtured networks of the finest growers, co-ops and importers lets us source coffee that others never even hear about. Some of these are very special indeed.

Unique coffees

Your customers will love these unique coffees and will keep coming back for more. They’re not intended to replace your primary coffee, but as a special offer, something new, something special  for aficionados, at a premium price per cup.

The best contacts in the business

Greenbean Coffee Roasters and Adams & Russell are sister companies with more than 70 years experience between us. Very few companies can match our expertise in single origins and coffee blends. We’ve pooled our expertise, our contacts and our sources to create Adams & Green and bring you micro-lots of very special coffee like you’ve never seen before.

Serve alongside your existing coffee

There’s no downside to trying Adams & Green’s special blends and a lot to gain. Simply give your customers more choice and they will give you their reaction. Our special blends will change according to the season and where magic can be found. Generally speaking we source enough coffee to last a month at least but we will change the specials regularly as the magic strikes.

Our minimum order is only one box of coffee (6 x 1kg bags) so you can easily run our specials alongside your existing coffee.

“Coffee of the Month” Club

For coffee shops and cafés

Something new and exciting every month. Keep your customers coming back for more. We buy the little parcels of super-special coffee that can be found throughout the coffee world if you know where to look. We use all our skill and experience to roast, to taste and to blend these beans into something very special and we deliver it to our customers while it lasts. All the while we’re sourcing the next hidden gem, and the next. We’ve been in the coffee business for more than 30 years and our network of sources and contacts is unrivalled. This is how we find the coffees that others don’t even know exists.