There are few things on Earth as good as great coffee. The aroma, the flavour and its unique ability to revive the spirit are among coffee’s great gifts.

Great coffee is ultimately all about one thing; it’s all about great beans. Enormous care and attention goes into transforming the raw green beans into the wonderful coffee we supply but it’s a fundamental fact that if the beans aren’t excellent to begin with, neither will the coffee be excellent. This is why Greenbean Coffee Roasters is the choosiest buyer in the market. This is why we seek out the world’s best growers, this is why we roast and taste a sample of every batch of coffee we buy. This is why we never let our standards slip.


The quality of the coffee beans from every region, every country and every estate varies from year to year, depending on a range of factors too numerous to list. We buy the season’s best Arabica coffee beans each year and because we’re a relatively small roaster, we can afford to turn down everything but the very best. Once green beans are shipped home to our roastery, we go about the business of transforming the year’s best beans into the exquisite blends that bear our name.

We ALWAYS roast each bean variety separately before we blend them. Different beans roast to perfection at different temperatures and over different time periods. Nearly every other coffee roaster blends the beans first and then roast all the beans together. Our way takes more time, attention and expertise, but it’s worth the effort. You only have to try one cup of our coffee to find out why. It takes more time, more effort but if you really love coffee; it’s worth doing. The taste tells. Every coffee bean roasts differently. There is no manual, no way of telling exactly when a batch of beans has reached perfection, when it’s bursting with taste and in perfect condition to yield its flavour into your cup. The only way you can tell for sure is to use your experience and your nose, eyes and ears to gauge the aroma, the colour and the sound of the beans roasting.

It takes expertise and experience to judge these elements. Many companies get it nearly right by taking average times and temperatures and applying them to every batch they roast. This works reasonably well in most cases, and the coffee they produce is certainly drinkable but because they don’t go the extra mile like Greenbean does, they’ll never reach the pinnacle of flavour and excellence that you’ll find in every cup of Greenbean coffee.

Great beans are a prerequisite of great coffee. It’s possible to make bad coffee with great beans but you simply can’t make coffee that tastes as good as Greenbean without great beans.

We understand that there’s more to making a truly great cup of coffee than having the best beans. The machine, the barista’s training, the environment, and how the coffee is presented all contribute. This is why we supply the best machines available, have a comprehensive support and training programme and we produce the very best merchandise and promotional material. Our business is to help your business. It’s what we do.

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