Best Barista Training


At Greenbean Coffee Roasters we know an awful lot about great coffee. We know how to source the best beans, roast and blend them properly, and most of all,how to make the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Professional barista training

We want to share our passion and our experience. We want everyone to have perfect coffee every day, and that includes your customers. We use our own Greenbean Cafe to host our barista training classes, where you and your staff can learn the secrets of making perfect coffee every time. Even if you’re already an expert, a refresher course is always good. These barista training masterclasses aren’t only for our own customers, it doesn’t matter what type of machine or whose coffee you use, you’ll learn a great deal from the Greenbean masterclass.

Barista training for non-professional baristas

Barista training isn’t just for catering customers. If you know a ‘coffee geek’ or a very keen home chef who might like to perfect their home coffee making skills, a gift certificate for barista training would make a thoughtful and highly individual gift. Contact the office to find out more about a gift certificate

Some of the areas we cover are as follows:

  1. The perfect cappuccino
  2. The perfect espresso
  3. Producing the perfect crema
  4. Getting the grind right and setting your grinder
  5. How to use flavourings properly
  6. Cleaning your machine
  7. Filling the handle and tamping the grounds
  8. Machine preparation
  9. Coffee storage
  10. Skimmed or whole milk? Why?
  11. What exactly is a Tall Skinny Frappucchino etc? We explain some coffee terms.
  12. How different water types affect the coffee blend
  13. How ambient temperature and atmospheric humidity affect the grind.

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