Greenbean Coffee Roasters provides coffee at wholesale prices to companies, offices, workshops, laboratories, studios, salons, factories and every type of workplace. We supply the coffee, machines, cups, sugar, spoons, stirrers, and everything you need to serve a truly excellent cup of coffee at work. Everyone loves great coffee, your staff, your customers, even your suppliers will notice the difference immediately.

We know you’re busy at work so we make the whole process as painless as possible. You can order online or on the phone, our coffee is always roasted to order and it arrives at your premises in peak condition. Our prices are very keen too. We can supply workplaces at the same rates we supply coffee shops and caf├ęs.


Benefits of great coffee in the workplace:

  • Perks up staff and improves morale and productivity instantly.
  • Banishes the mid-morning and mid-afternoon slump
  • Your clients and customers will love you even more
  • Eliminates downtime as employees leave the office for coffee
  • Enormous cost savings
  • Automatic espresso machines are virtually foolproof
  • Filter machines and coffee pots also available
  • Footprint no bigger than a water cooler or photocopier