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21 04, 2011

Rampant Coffee Prices

2011-04-21T14:41:23+00:000 Comments

For those of you coffee lovers with your heads in the sand, please take it from me that the cost of raw coffees is going up like the proverbial rocket. This increase has been happening, [...]

31 03, 2011

Best Before Dates

2011-03-31T13:35:57+00:000 Comments

BEST BEFORE DATES are marked on all GREENBEAN beans bags as a service to our customers. In fact, the bags also carry an identification code which identifies the date the coffee was roasted so that [...]

16 03, 2011

Coffee Awards

2011-03-16T16:52:11+00:000 Comments

Have you ever thought about the proliferation of “Awards” that are granted to various foods & beverages, from things like cheese, bread, chocolate, etc, and of course the old reliable, wine? You can get a [...]

4 03, 2011

Importance of Cleaning

2011-03-04T16:21:20+00:000 Comments

Something happened this week, I honestly cannot remember what, that reminded me of an instance that occurred some years ago regarding espresso machine cleaning. I had asked a barista I was visiting to demonstrate her [...]

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