BEST BEFORE DATES are marked on all GREENBEAN beans bags as a service to our customers. In fact, the bags also carry an identification code which identifies the date the coffee was roasted so that there is full traceability. This is the least that the customers expect as the company’s duty of care and not just a “concession” by GREENBEAN! I fully support this level of care.

BEST BEFORE DATES are another matter. Coffee is not like meat in so far as it will not poison you if it’s old (within reason). It will become stale and taste poorly when exposed to the twin evils of water and oxygen for any period of time. Some roasters will flush bags with an inert gas (Nitrogen is generally the choice) and/or vacuum pack. This is only performed to lengthen the shelf life of the beans (sometimes up to one year!) thereby satisfying the requirements of the wholesalers and distributors, mostly located in other countries. This is NOT the GREENBEAN way.

Unlike other coffee roasters, we at GREENBEAN expect that you will consume our coffee within weeks, if not days, of purchase. Otherwise I see little point in selling you the product virtually within days of coming hot from the roaster. While others will have best before dated many months into the future, we enter dates only a few short weeks from roasting. This does not mean that our beans are not good after this date, just that they won’t be at their BEST. A big difference.

So, if you notice a nearby best before date on any of our bags it does not mean the coffee is old (unlike some roasters), but that it is only weeks roasted.