Have you ever thought about the proliferation of “Awards” that are granted to various foods & beverages, from things like cheese, bread, chocolate, etc, and of course the old reliable, wine? You can get a Gold Medal for this, a Silver Pendant for that and I’m sure every industry in the whole world has its accreditation bodies. It’s therefore no surprise that the humble bean has its awards too.
I’ve nothing against the efforts to identify and recognise those beans that are superior but with coffee there is one very critical point that muddies the water. I refer to the actual brewing procedure. If coffee is not freshly ground (and at the correct degree of grind), properly dosed, milk adequately frothed …. then no matter how many awards the beans have achieved the taste in the cup will not be good. (And by the way, surely an award achieved has more to do with the humble grower’s efforts that the skill of the Master Roaster?)
It is for this reason that GREENBEAN has never, in the 25 years of coffee roasting, submitted any of our beans for consideration for an award.
We ALWAYS buy the best beans; roasted in the best manner; sold so fresh they’re positively cheeky; and blended according to the only criteria that matters – +25 years of experience roasting only the best Arabica beans.
To paraphrase that famous retailer “GREENBEAN beats them all, every time”.