A new website has been unveiled by the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC) www.coffeeandhealth.org which is definitely worth a visit. Although the site is primarily aimed at three sectors;

1. Healthcare practitioners (Doctors, nurses, etc)
2. Academics and research entities
3. Specialist health media

It remains the only one I have come across that gives non-emotive views on serious stuff as heart disease, cancers, Type 2 diabetes, and even depression when coupled with the drinking of coffee. It refers to either no risk or lesser risk in some cases and a definite positive benefit in others. The only reference that I came across to an increased risk of cancer was with “boiled” coffee. I don’t know anyone who drinks their coffee this way so make your own mind as to whether or not it is relevant. Overall it seems that drinking coffee has many more health benefits than not.

The health benefits derived from drinking coffee cover;

1. Certain skin cancers
2. Cardiovascular disease
3. Fluid balance
4. Liver function
5. Type 2 diabetes
6. Prostate cancer

I am aware that the whole subject of health and coffee drinking might, at best, be of no great interest and at worst, be an annoyance to some people but in this case I feel that those who are interested can, for a change, get proper information instead of relying on spurious newspaper articles written by journalists who have hit a barren patch.

Enjoy the read but not too much.

P.S. Don’t take any of the above as a recommendation from me. Dr. Grant I am not!