Water quality effects the taste of your coffee.

If you examine a cup of black coffee, at least 98% (and usually more) of what is in the cup is water. If you ignore the quality of the water going into your coffee machine, the coffee that emerges from the other end will suffer. At Greenbean, it’s s slight obsession of ours and we can’t understand why everyone else isn’t obsessed with it too. We are constantly amazed when we hear of other coffee companies completely ignoring water supply and water quality when they start to supply new customers. For us, it’s a starting point. The water supply is different in practically every business. the quality of the water differs from town to town, from street to street and from building to building. It’s not just the reservoir that supplies your premises that matters, the composition of the pipes can have a significant effect too. there is a big difference in the composition of water that travels through cast iron pipes and plastic pipes.

Video on water quality and coffee

Here is a short video on the subject from Pat Grant, Greenbean’s Master Roaster.