Match Your Coffee To Your Water Supply


The water that comes from your tap or that is plumbed into your coffee machine has an enormous influence on the taste of the coffee you serve. Different coffee blends suit different water types and it is extremely important to match the principal taste-notes of the coffee beans to the headline characteristics of your water supply.

Gourmet Food Parlour Dublin enlisted the help of Greenbean Coffee Roasters in Dundalk to match a coffee blend to its water supply to get the best possible taste, texture and aroma.

The characteristics of the water supply vary greatly throughout Ireland and can change from street to street.

The Gourmet Food Parlour gave a sample of its tap water to Greenbean Coffee Roasters, who tasted it, analysed it and identified its underlying characteristics. The Dundalk company then matched the water supply to a coffee blend that suited it perfectly – a free service Greenbean provides for all its customers, whether home users buying from its website or trade customers.

Matching your coffee beans to your water supply is the single most important thing you can do to improve your coffee’s taste, and getting it right can make a dramatic difference, a difference that most people will never experience

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